The Liquorificio Artigianale Leardini is situated in the historical center of the country of Affile in which it still hears him the influence of St. Benedict that in this place it operated, young, his first miracle. Affile lives to the shade of the Benedictine monasteries dug in the rock and built in mighty structures in harmony with the nature.

Generations of monks have contributed to sharpen products that the time has improved. They used only elements that the surrounding nature offered them. Their elixirs further to help the digestion, they soothed the pains and they improved the life of the monks and the surrounding populations.

Affile, tangle of irregular alleys conceived in the centuries by hard-working farmers, is the natural place so that the liqueurs produced with the same methods of the Benedictine monks, return to relive through the initiative of Mauro Leardini, last manager of the society of family LEARDINI LIQUORI ARTIGIANALI.


Method of production

The antique liquor tradition wants that the herbs, according to the different formulas, are pestoed, crumbled and mixed in the mortar. The use of the mortar is of extremely age-old tradition and over the centuries the materials used for its composition have been various: hard stone, marble, iron, silver, copper, wood, terracotta, ceramics, bronze. The most used in history was certainly the bronze mortar, which was forged in laboratories all over Europe using the same mold of miniature bells. Today, the Leardini Liquorificio uses the same technique! We have a bronze mortar, which we still use, whose use allows herbs to maintain the intense aromas and beneficial ingredients. Our production is divided into several perfectly studied steps, which ensure that the aromas and natural components remain intact. Above all, we observe the right balsamic time, i.e. the optimal time when the plant reaches its maximum content of substances. Then, through various secret processes depending on the liqueur to be prepared, we develop the recipe.

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