Time and silence are two essential elements for Leardini liqueurs.


Silence is precious. From the first moment.

  • It is the mysterious veil that protects them during their maturation.
  • It is the “substance” that defends them from profane banality.
  • It is the condition that “unites” the different flavours to make them one.
  • It was in silence that the monks perfected the best of their products, with herbs found on the slopes of the mountains surrounding

the convent and which they conserved in the secret of their workshops.


  • It is slower running in our country than elsewhere.
  • It is the most important partner.
  • It never pass in vain.
  • It produces a silent work.
  • It is Eternity.
  • Time touches us, like silence.

It is with time that the aromatic botanicals, sapiently combined, offer to the men of today the delicies that once, through the work of the ancients monks, they gave to the contemporaries.

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