Great digestive worthy successor to the best bitter produced by monks. Although it has a high alcohol content – 43% – it is drunk easily and leaves nostalgic notes of the past on the palate.

The ageing makes it simply wonderful. Before being marketed, it must mature in special tanks for many months. It is produced with old methods in modern containers that guarantee hygiene and quality. The name ARIMINUM is the Latin version of today’s RIMINI, the place of origin of the founder Domenico Leardini, to whose city the great bitter is dedicated.

For the Leardini family it is a historical liqueur, it represents a strong link with the family past because it was the second product, born in 1958, that Leonardo launched on the market. Ariminum, produced with herbs that are born and grow in the Mediterranean area, can be considered the typical Italian liqueur for excellence. Among the many herbs, the palate clearly recognizes marjoram, thyme and linden.




Domenico Leardini tried his fortune in French Switzerland. A good shoemaker, he loved a blondine with braids that fell on her chest, which was called Barruell. Domenico and Barruell went to see it in secret. From time to time she “forgot” a bottle of her liquor on the young man’s table so that it could better contrast the rigours of the cold.

The young man spent only one winter in Switzerland. The family was in need of him. The two left, but first drunk to the future with Barruell’s liqueur. Perhaps they touched their lips. Back in San Leo, Domenico discovered in the jacket pocket the formula that the girl had secretly let slip. He jealously preserved it and then realized it. “You will call him Barruell,” he said to his son Antonio, giving him the formula. Antonio Leardini will continue to “produce” it, but only in the family.

Today, searching through the memories left by his uncle Leonardo, Mauro has found the same recipe of the Swiss blondina. Barruell is a perfectly balanced bitter-sweet liquor. The alcohol level – 34% – is not excessive is also highly appreciated by women and is so delicate that, like all liqueurs LEARDINI, should be siped to better appreciate the entire range of gradations. The original formulation is revived today using the same methods of a long past. Among the different herbs that make up this liqueur we find the Melissa and apricot seeds.




The dark red colour makes it very attractive to the eye. Red is natural and is extracted from fruit (apple), petals and especially red tea. In the mouth, the soft and sweet attack is perfectly balanced and followed by sour notes slightly bitter.

In addition to sugar, it is “sweetened by a little splash” of tonca bean, which gives it a rich, enveloping aroma with a hint of caramel. In short, a Concerto of flavors. On the nose the intensity of the scents and the richness of nuances that rise from the glass are imposed.

A complex liqueur with a not excessive alcohol content (28%). It can be drunk smoothly or it can be served with a dessert.




Maxime Amarum

In the Leardini family it is recorded that a priest passing through Rimini, after having his shoes repaired by Domenico Leardini, not having all the necessary money, paid the rest with this formula. As we know, it dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Bitter designed for true lovers of bitter, Zethus is part of the Fernet category. It is a liqueur that knows no shortcuts. He pulls straight to the hearts of fans. The intense and original taste, obtained by mixing 22 herbs and spices, makes it unique.
The formula includes an extractive bath for each of the herbs, that is to say that a properly prepared hydroalcoholic solution penetrates the intact cells of the botanists making them swell; this will expose the cell membrane to cede its precious substances, transferring them to the molecules of the solution, enriching them until saturation, that is until that balance between the outside and inside of the cell is established. Experience determines the time needed for this extractive bath, followed by others until the process is completely exhausted.
Gentian, galanga and aloe are among the necessary herbs. Strong and balanced, it perfectly matches milk chocolate. The alcohol content (40%) facilitates the expansion of intense and delicate aromas that wrap us before taking it to the lips.




It is a classic of world liquorism, so there have been many obstacles to overcome to be among the best. Among all the uses dosed and well calibrated among the best mixtures on the market.

This ITALIAN ELIXIR is prepared cold and with such a slowness, exasperating but necessary, so that none of the countless shades of taste is dispersed. We also add the cardamom to make it unique.

Despite the alcohol content – 30% – high compared to the average of similar products, it is drunk with surprising ease. It is worth paying attention: one glass pulls the other! Try it on ice cream.




Liquor with a classic taste, with the right balance between pungent and spicy. It is one of the great liqueurs in its own right. The herbs that make it up, among which the cardamom and balsamite stand out, are maintained at low temperature for a few days and then put in warm clothes.

The natural colour given to it by the mace, the purity of the countless herbs, the time needed for its maturation and the complexity of its processing are the evident sign of a product of the past. Eremus is the classic liqueur that, in the 17th century, was produced in abbeys all over Europe.

It is with great pride that this ancient recipe is proposed again, with the hope that it will be loved again as it once was.


SAMBUCA agreste


Clear and transparent, obtained from the infusion of star anise, coriander, cumin and carob, as well as eight other botanicals, in the mouth is well balanced, intense, clean and extremely soft. It is characterized by its sweet, floral, fruity and spicy scents and flavors.

Ideal at the end of a meal, for an aperitif or in the mixology with Gin or Vodka, the perfect ingredient to exalt a cocktail. On its own, with the addition of generous ice, it is phenomenal. It is produced with an old method following a recipe that has been preserved in the Leardini family for a long time.

The phases of production are very slow and include about a month during which the botanists are subjected to maceration in suspension. This technique is the most classic and antique way of delivering to the final product the softness of taste and that perfume that in other circumstances would not be possible.


GIN 50


Gin 50 is a liqueur made with the best juniper berries to which are added the traditional Mediterranean herbs as well as the inevitable citrus and many other botanicals.

The processing phases are very slow and involve about a month during which the herbs are macerated in suspension. This technique is the most classic and antique way of delivering to the final product that softness of flavor and that perfume that with other methods would not be possible.

On the palate it is pasty but delicate. Gin 50 has a classic and, at the same time, modern style. Great for creating cocktails and long drinks.


Grappa Riserva Leardini with 40% alcohol content is easily drunk, smooth or frozen and is distilled very slowly in small quantities to maintain unaltered the nuances of taste that otherwise would be lost.

Perfume and delicacy are its characteristics.

The Grappa Riserva Leardini is produced with great patience, a virtue that today we ignore without realizing how necessary it is to taste the taste of things.



Classic Italian liqueur with a unique and inimitable taste.

It is handcrafted with the best lemons. It should be served frozen to enjoy its full flavor.

It does not contain colorings or natural flavorings, so it is possible that in the bottom of the bottle you will find some lemon residue that proves this. 26% alcohol content.




Produced in small batches by the expert hands of master distillers Leardini, offers a unique and hot taste.

Excellent if drunk smooth or with ice but also in cocktails.

It is commercialized only after long and accurate maturation. 40% alcohol content.




Classic aperitif of the Italian tradition.

It does not contain natural colorings or flavors and is ideal for making the best cocktails.

Its vermilion red colour is obtained by infusion of rose petals. Alcohol content 25%.


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