Leardini liqueurs have been handed down for four generations. The founder was Domenico, then Antonio, later Leonardo and now Mauro is the manager of this characteristic artisan workshop. This reality, even if small, exists thanks to the passion and tenacity that the Leardini family has maintained over time and thanks to the ability to know in depth both the properties of herbs, harvested directly, and formulas of infusions passed down from generation to generation. The Leardini family has the perseverance of those who continue to use antique techniques, respecting the times that nature wants. It is not nostalgia, it is not fanatism. It is experience and a bit of healthy craziness considering the times of “everything and immediately”. Therefore, you will not find artificial flavours or added colours in Leardini liqueurs. The production is limited and reserved for those who appreciate the taste of genuine products.

Liqueurs have been at home in the Leardini family since the young Domenico tried his fortune in French-speaking Switzerland to help his poor family, which remained in San Leo, a small country in the centre of the Montefeltro region. When he returns, together with the son Antonio he develops many liqueurs, however produced only for the family or given to friends. It was after the war that Antonio’s son, Leonardo, also very poor but in a Italy in resurgence, decided to tempt a small production with which to live. It is 1958 and in that year he produced the “beauty” of 25 litres of liquor!

The young Leonardo marketed some products that his father Antonio had developed in previous years. Thus four liquors were created in the small artisan workshop underneath his house, which he offered for sale to tourists passing through San Leo.

Leonardo never married: for his family he had his own liqueurs to which he dedicated himself uninterruptedly until the age of 88. He wanted his activity, through his nephew Mauro, to continue according to the antique liquor tradition that he himself had followed for almost 60 years. Mauro resumed production, in the manner of his uncle Leonardo, no longer in San Leo but in Affile, a small miniature village close to the abbeys of San Benedetto and Santa Scolastica, a few kilometers from Subiaco, crouched on the slopes of the Simbruini mountains. A sort of spiritual union between the places of St. Francis (St. Leo) and St. Benedict (Affile), the place of his first miracle.

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